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Let us know if there's a link you'd like to see. As a guide, these links are generally of use to the riding community.


Lane Filtering In Victoria

VicRoads definition of filtering, a summary of the rules and guidance on when filtering is legal:


Toy Runs - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and The Rest of the World


General Rider Community Information

rider-aware-logo Rider awareness campaign:

Off-Road Motorcycle Rider Safety - public awareness campaign.


VicRoads / Department of Transport / Council
Report a Road Issue:
Motorcycle Safety Levy:
Where riders can park in Melbourne CBD:


Legal Information - Advice available from a local traffic law specialist, including a forum for dicussions.


Write to your local member of Parliament


The Australasian College of Road Safety
About the ACRS:
The ACRS is the peak membership association for road safety professionals, advocates, and members of the public who are focused on saving lives and serious injuries on our roads. Regularly organising events in Victoria and other states.


Motorbike Gear Ratings - "Choose the right gear for your ride"
Are you thinking of buying motorbike gear -helmets, jackets, pants, gloves or boots? Then check out MotoCAP’s web site beforehand to find out how the gear that you intend to buy will stand up to Australian road and weather conditions. - an independent, free resource supported by governments and private road safety organisations across Australia and New Zealand.


Rider Training Organisations - servicing at least Victoria
Note: These are provided for information purposes only and listed in alphabetical order. The VMC makes no comment on their suitability or quality. The VMC does not receive any favours from any of these organisations.

HART - Honda Rider Training


Stay Upright