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Code of Conduct

- Most important, this is a fun event to help out families at Christmas - engage in the spirit of the event, make some new friends and have fun! 

- The Toy Run is a family friendly social event and riders should behave accordingly. It is a showcase for riders.

- Riders and their pillions should to obey all the Victorian Road rules when participating in any Toy Run. This includes wearing an approved helmet for on road use.

- Riders / participants of the Toy Run are required and expected to follow the directions of organising staff (VMC / MSR), any marshalls present and VicPol.

- Clubs are to be responsible for the behaviour of their identified members.

- Riders should not engage in behaviour or use of language which will tarnish the reputation of the Toy Run or its organisers, nor cause offence to the venue and suppliers (e.g. food stalls and the like).

Who is running the Melbourne Toy Run event?

With the MRA(Vic) handing the baton to the Victorian Motorcycle Council for advocacy and representing Victorian Motorcyclists in 2011, the VMC is continuing the long tradition of the MRA Toy Run from 2013 and into the future. Melbourne Street Riders assist in organising the event.

Do I need a CityLink / EastLink pass if the run uses one of the Tollways?

Please ensure you have a valid CityLink / Eastlink toll account or day pass. There are no exemptions for paticipants of the Toy Run. We encourage the Tollway operators to consider donating all Motorcycle Tolls gathered on the day and donate them to the Salvation Army.

How much does it cost to attend the Toy Run?
Attending the Toy Run costs nothing. We do encourage everyone participating to donate something to the Salvos. This is the reason we put the event on, so that the motocyclist clubs, enthusiasts and friends can benevolently make a difference to the lives of the less fortunate.

Can I attend if I don't ride?
Yes. All are welcome on the day. Some clubs may have pillion places available and we're keen to have more auto enthusiasts join us in building the event attendance so that the donations for children and families increases.

What can I bring for the Salvos?

Help the Salvation Army help Melbourne's needy by bringing:

  • New, unwrapped toys
  • Non-perishable food (canned, dry food, drinks etc)
  • Donations of money
  • Gift vouchers

Please do not bring:

  • Plush toys (teddy bears etc.)
  • Wrapped toys
  • Used toys
  • Perishable food (anything that needs refrigeration, or has a short life)

Who gets the money raised?
All monitary donations, gifts and toys go directly to the Salvation Army. Make sure you hand these to the Salvation Army volunteers on the day. The Victorian Motorcycle Council nor Melbourne Street Riders do not retain any part of your donation, surplus funds go directly to the Salvation Army.

I don't like riding in a big group. Can I still attend?
Yes, you can ride your bike and arrive at the venue any time after 9am.

I ride a scooter. Can I attend?
Of course, turn up on one wheel, two wheels, three or more and help motorcyclists and enthusiasts show they support the Salvos and the community.

I'm a member of a club. Can we ride as a group?
Yes, we'd welcome your club attending and hope that you ride in the spirit of the event.

Where can I join the Toy Run ride?
Click here to find our where your nearest ride is. Click here if you are outside the Melbourne metro area.

When does the event start?
Local rides start at varying times. Check the website closer to the event date for more details.

I don't live in Melbourne. Where is my nearest Toy Run?
Click here to find the nearest Toy Run to you around Australia.

I'd like to volunteer to help the Toy Run
We'd welcome your involvement. None of the people involved in the Toy Run are paid for organising or consulting, so volunteering will help the Toy Run be better, smoother and more enjoyable for everyone. Costs to run the event are covered by sponsors and co-ordinated by the organisers. Call or email the VMC to volunteer!

I have a motorcycle or motorcycle-related business. Can I have a stand at the Toy Run?
Yes, we'd welcome your involvement. There is a limited amount of space for vendors, and they are made available of a first come, first served basis. Please contact

I have a food business. Can I have a stand at the Toy Run?
Yes -  Please contact

Do I have to be a VMC member to participate in the Toy Run?
No. The Toy Run is open to anyone and everyone.


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