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Members Login


ALL members are now able to login and are encouraged to download the VMC app to view and manage your membership, as well as keep up to date with VMC announcements.

With the move to this new member management system, logging in is a bit different and passwords have to be reset. Here's how...

Guidance notes on logging in and renewing your membership:

1) Your UserID is in the format FirstnameSurname - e.g. BobRider - or use the "Forgot your username?" link (see below)
2) Password: You need to reset this yourself using the "Forgot your password?" link (see below)
3) Once you're logged in, click on "My Memberships" to view (and renew, if required) your memberships and "My Account" -> "Review and edit my details" for any changes.
4) If you wish to renew your membership but change the membership level (i.e. renew and change from Roadside Assistance to an Annual Membership or vice versa), you do this by using the "Register" option (on this page) and choose the one you now want. You may need to log in.


If you do have any queries or need any help use our Contact Us page, or by email