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Bus Lane Access Trial Expansion Start Date

1st May 2019
Earlier this year, it was announced that sections of the Eastern Freeway and Victoria Parade were going to be added to the current Hoddle street bus lane access "trial". The VMC welcomes the 11th May 2019 start date.



The VMC has quietly been advocating for increased motorcycle bus lane access and last year we got confirmation that a section of Eastern Freeway and Victoria Parade were going to be added to the current Hoddle Street "trial".  These locations were officially announced earlier this year but there was no start date given.

Whilst the start date still has not been officially announced, the Vicroads website was recently updated and gives a start date of the 11th May 2019. The VMC welcomes the start date of the extended motorcycle bus lane access trials.

For more details go to the Vicroads website:


Here's the important information from the webpage:

"From 11 May 2019, we’ll be extending the trial onto the Eastern Freeway and Victoria Parade. To do so we will also be introducing the following new safety treatments:

  • 'Watch for motorcycles in bus lane' warning signs
  • Motorcycle protecting railes on guard rail
  • Repairs to bus lane road surfaces
  • Removal of some parking to improve sight lines on approaches to intersections

We will continue to monitor and evaluate the trial sites over the next five years. "


So some key points:

  • Only those parts of the bus lane with suitable signage will have motorcycle access allowed,
  • For the Eastern freeway westbound, access will be to the emergency lane west of Chandler highway, from between 7 - 10:30am, Monday to Friday.
  • For the Eastern freeway, the section from the Trenerry Cres overpass all to the way to the Hoddle street off ramp lights (starting from about 200m prior to the off ramp), will have full time motorcycle access.
  • Victoria Parade access will be from Hoddle to Nicholson westbound,  and Brunswick to Hoddle eastbound.


While we can't see the justification for a further five year trial, a trial is better than no trial.

You can be sure we'll be scrutinising the results and analysis carefully.

Ride safe.


Photo credit: HeraldSun

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