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General Information
VMAC Footpath Parking Guidelines: Approved VMAC guidelines on how to park on Victorian footpaths. (364.3 Kb)
AGM Minutes 2017: (1,376.6 Kb)
2016 VMC Constitution: (135.1 Kb)
Our Policies
Mandatory Clothing: (629.0 Kb)
Economic and Infrasture Committee - Inquiry into the Increase in Victoria's 2019 Road Toll: Victorian Motorcycle Council: VMC's submission to the Victorian Road Toll Inquiry, with a specific motorcycling take on the inquiry terms of reference. One of the central themes is that the key to a sustained reduction in the rider road toll is threefold... (851.9 Kb)
VMC Submission: DoT Road Safety Regs RIS 2019: VMC: VMC's submission to the DoT New Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2019 Regulatory Impact Statement. Appendices available at: (375.1 Kb)
NTC Driver Distaction Technology Neutral Road Rules: Rob Salvatore: VMC submission to the NTC's public discussion document on developing technology neutral road rules in respect of driver distraction. (218.8 Kb)
City of Melbourne Transport Strategy Refresh 2018: (238.9 Kb)
Filtering implementation Submission VicRoads: (776.7 Kb)
Victorian Parliamentary Road Safety Committee 2011: (576.0 Kb)