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Member & Supporter Offer - Solid GPS Tracker: VMC: (427.0 Kb)
2021 VMC Code of Conduct: (128.2 Kb)
2021 VMC Constitution: (378.6 Kb)
VMAC Footpath Parking Guidelines: Approved VMAC guidelines on how to park on Victorian footpaths. (364.3 Kb)
VMC Submission: Road Safety (Vehicle) Regs RIS 2021: VMC: VMC response to the Victorian RS(Vehicle) regs update RIS review. (453.2 Kb)
Minimum Distances Overtaking Relating To Bicycles: VMC: Inquiry into bicycle overtaking rules. (2,150.0 Kb)
VMC Submission: Victoria's Draft 30yr Infrastructure Plan: Victorian Motorcycle Council: The VMC's submission focuses on the transport aspects of the comprehensive draft Victorian infrastructure plan. The role motorcycles can fulfill in that plan were completely overlooked. Two ways that Infrastructure Victoria c... (479.3 Kb)
Economic and Infrasture Committee - Inquiry into the Increase in Victoria's 2019 Road Toll: Victorian Motorcycle Council: VMC's submission to the Victorian Road Toll Inquiry, with a specific motorcycling take on the inquiry terms of reference. One of the central themes is that the key to a sustained reduction in the rider road toll is threefold... (851.9 Kb)
VMC Submission: DoT Road Safety Regs RIS 2019: VMC: VMC's submission to the DoT New Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2019 Regulatory Impact Statement. Appendices available at: (375.1 Kb)
VMC Sumbission: NTC Driver Distraction Technology Neutral Road Rules: Rob Salvatore: VMC submission to the NTC's public discussion document on developing technology neutral road rules in respect of driver distraction. (218.8 Kb)