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Card Fees - Terms and Conditions

  • Any refunds made will exclude all fees incurred by the VMC as part of processing the original payment, as these fees cannot be recouped by the VMC.
  • Processing fees are set and calculated by our site host, Member Jungle, and are included in the prices charged for memberships and any shop items. The VMC has no control over these fees.
    • As a guide, a $50 transaction includes a $3.99 transaction fee - this is covered by the VMC.
    • Fees are not a straight percentage of the transaction amount, so the above is provided as an example of our most common transaction amount.
    • Of course, we will be open and transparent about the fees charged on any transaction - available upon request.
  • Refunds for Roadside Assistance memberships will only be made within [To Be Advised*] days of your details being passed to the roadside assistance provider by the VMC. This applies to new memberships and renewals.
    • A request for a refund prior to your details having been passed to the roadside assistance provider (typically a few days) will be refunded without question, subject to all other conditions.

* Note: The VMC has yet to set the maximum number of days before a request for a refund cannot be agreed to.


Exceptional Cases...

  • We value you, our members, and so please do contact us if you feel that there are exceptional circumstances which you would like us to consider if your situation falls outside of the above terms and conditions.