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Your Views on New Bicycle Lanes

By VMC Admin
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Your Views Wanted On New Bicycle Lanes

The City of Melbourne (CoM) has recently constructed bicycle lanes with high kerbs across the city. In addition some tram tracks now have kerbs. The VMC regards these as hazardous to motorcyclists. They remove our escape routes, funnel us into lanes of traffic and remove the safety of filtering. There are plans to further expand these bicycle lanes that are currently on hold.


Picture source: City of Melbourne website

The VMC will be meeting with the CoM to discuss these towards the end of June. We are interested in riders' experience and opinion of the bicycle lanes that we can present to council.

If you have any comments or views you'd like to share, please either leave them below, contact us or comment on our Facebook page. Thank you.



Very dangerous to riders and do not provide us with safe "outs" in bad situations. Once again a decision made by council with zero thought for riders

Posted by Sm, 19/06/2022 8:17:07 pm

Melbourne roads and pathways are meant to be used by all groups, not just one group represented by a loud and noisy contingent who pay nothing to be on the roads.

Posted by Devlin Gardner, 19/06/2022 10:37:58 pm

Get rid of the bike lanes! They are hardly used outside of peak times, have caused major traffic congestion and removed parking spaces from local businesses. They cause more danger to pedestrians crossing the road and increase the risk to motorcycles by restricting their options.

Posted by Julian Q, 19/06/2022 11:09:46 pm

If this is the case allow motorbikes to use the lanes as well, it's easy for us to slow down when next to a cyclist and we have a horn to let them know we are coming to allow them to move over so we can pass safely.

Posted by Giuseppe , 20/06/2022 12:18:20 am

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