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RACV's Magazine Encourages Motorcycling

By VMC Admin
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RACV's Royal Auto magazine encourages readers to consider the benefits of motorcycling.

For those of you who believe the RACV is an evil anti-motorcycling establishment, you read the headline correctly. RACV's Royal Auto takes a positive look at motorcycle commuting and asks why more people aren't doing it. Fair question!

This motorcycle friendly article from the RACV¿ features VMC's own Jeremy Walton and encourages its largely driver based readership to consider the two wheel option - especially for commuting. While there are many benefits to riding (mental health, well being, environmental...), commuting is where powered two wheels makes absolutely massive practical sense, shortening commute times which therefore improves the quality of your working life. (Pity the article used the term "weave" to describe filtering. That definitely was not our input! As we know, filtering riders prefer to filter in a straight line - which is the most direct and safest route. "Weaving" is only required when a vehicle blocks their path.)

Read and share. Get your non riding family and friends to "please consider" and if they want Melbourne's highways and freeways to experience school holiday traffic volumes every day, they should encourage 10% of the gridlocked drivers around them to shift to powered two wheels.*

With VMC's thanks to the RACV and Royal Auto - here is the link:

* Belgium's TM Leuven study found a 10% shift to PTW's resulted in a 40% decrease in congestion.


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