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New no motorcycle parking signs at Federation Square

By Richard
Category: General

It has been brought to the attention of the VMC by one of our members that new no motorcycle parking signs have appeared at the back of Federation Square. We note that the area concerned is behind bollards and adjacent to a fire hose and stairs/lift to a car park etc. There are clear safety reasons for keeping this area clear.

There does not appear to be any additional similar signs nearby, other than these - leaving ample room for sensible motorbike footpath parking in the same area.

Federation square is operated by a private company, Fed Square Pty Ltd, and the usual State legislated footpath parking rules do not apply there.

At present we are not sure if the signs are proactive or in reaction to motorcycles being parked there. However, we urge riders to give thought to where they park and not give councils and other bodies ammunition to use against us.




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