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New Distracted Driver Road Rules (Victoria)

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New Distracted Driver Road Rules

The Victorian Motorcycle Council (VMC) recently received an email from Road Safety Victoria (Department of Transport and Planning) regarding new road rules coming into effect soon. Reproduced below is the email in its entirety, for your information.

"Victoria’s road rules have been updated to keep people safe on our roads. New distracted driver road rules were gazetted this week and will come into effect on 31 March 2023. 

Designed to keep people safe, the new rules will extend existing mobile phone road rules to cover modern devices including inbuilt systems, mounted and wearable devices, and portables devices such as phones and tablets.

In addition to these new road rules, mobile phone and seatbelt cameras will be introduced in the coming months to Victoria’s roads.

These changes follow the National Transport Commission (NTC) review of the Australian Road Rules relating to driver distraction which found that the rules had become quickly outdated.

The NTC consulted with the public, academia, industry and government stakeholders in identifying the key issues and developing regulatory options that would provide clarity to road users about unsafe driver behaviour and interactions with technology.

Victorian and other State and Territory Transport Ministers approved the model Australian Road Rules.  The model rules have been used as a template for the development of the Victorian rules.

In addition to the extensive NTC consultation process, while developing the Victorian rules, the Department of Transport and Planning consulted with TAC, RACV, Road Safety Camera Commission, Victoria Legal Aid, Community Legal Centres, Magistrates Court, Road Safety Victoria, Victoria Police and the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

The detail of the changes can be found at:

The rules bring Victoria in line with the Australian road rules.

In coming months, Victoria’s Road Safety Partnership will run community and industry education campaigns to let Victorians know about the new rules."


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